Production of Metal Elements

As a renowned manufacturer of metal shelves, ouroffer is aimed at both wholesale and individual customers. In our assortment, you will find a wide range of metal shelves, perfect for equipping garages, basements, workshops, as well as warehouse and retail spaces. Our products are available in both freestanding and built-in versions.

Shelves are characterized by a solid construction, made from profiles and sheets of appropriate thickness, ensuring their durability and stability. Additionally, they are equipped with adjustable feet, allowing easy adaptation to uneven surfaces. Each element is painted with environmentally friendly powder coatings, safe for storing food.

What sets us apart is the high durability of our shelves, easy assembly, functionality, and aesthetic appearance. High-load capacity shelves are ideal for efficient use of warehouse space, with the option to adjust the number of shelves (5, 6, 7) and their height according to individual customer needs.

In addition to our standard offering, we are ready to fulfill custom shelving orders based on customer requirements.

Our product range also includes other metal items, such as:

  • Dumpsters for shops and wholesalers,
  • Street trash bins,
  • Garden tables,
  • Custom projects tailored to individual customer orders.
  • Gates and gateways,
  • Fencing panels,
  • Railings,
  • Legs for garden tables, small tables, and benches,
  • Fire galvanizing.

We invite you to cooperate with us, ensuring that each order will be executed with the utmost care for quality and details.