Metalworking Services

Our company offers professional metalworking services, specializing in comprehensive metal processing. We have a modern machine park that combines advanced technology with high efficiency. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who guarantee the production of the highest quality products within optimal time frames.

The range of services provided includes the entire production process – from purchasing materials, through their precise processing, to final delivery to the customer. We offer a wide range of processing techniques, such as:

  • Turning and boring
  • Drilling, reaming, and deepening,
  • Traditional and hot tapping
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Painting
  • Grading

Each of these stages is carried out with attention to detail and according to the individual needs of the customer. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the highest quality and efficiency standards.

Our company offers modern metal machining services, including turning, cutting, bending, as well as surface preparation using sandblasting and shot blasting. Our team of specialists utilizes advanced technologies and methods to ensure high quality and precision in every aspect of our work.

Metal Turning

We specialize in turning various elements, including feed rollers, machine shafts, and reel turning. We use modern turning techniques to ensure the highest accuracy and quality of execution.

Sheet Metal Cutting

We perform cutting of steel, aluminum, and INOX sheets using professional equipment. We guarantee precision cutting with a maximum element length of 3200 mm and a maximum cutting thickness of 6.3 mm for steel and 3 mm for INOX. Our services also include cutting on a band saw.

Modern GEKA BENDICROP Universal Shears:

We have advanced shears that allow for various cuts and hole punching. We offer, among other things, cutting flat bars, angles, and rods of various thicknesses and diameters.

Plasma Cutting

Our plasma cutting services allow for precise cutting of patterns and holes in steel with a maximum thickness of 20 mm. This process ensures high-quality edges of cut metal.

Sheet Metal Bending

We provide sheet metal bending services on press brakes, ensuring precise bending of steel elements up to 3000 mm in length and thickness from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. We guarantee fast order fulfillment and attractive prices.

Sandblasting and Shot Blasting

We offer sandblasting and shot blasting services for cleaning steel surfaces. This method is ideal for preparing elements for further processing, such as powder coating.

We ensure that each service is carried out with the utmost care and professionalism, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers.